09 December 2019
World Bank Regional Director John Roome and his team visited the ongoing works of Polder 32 and 33
A World Bank regional team headed by Mr. John Roome, Regional Director, South Asia, Sustainable Development The World Bank visited Polder 32 (Slope Protective Works) (chainage 6+455 km to 7+130 km, Drainage Sluice 10 & Nalian Closure) and Polder 33 (Multipurpose Disaster Shelter cum Primary School (Ramnagar) & Bank Protective Works (Chainage 17+630 km to 18+030) on December 09, 2019. Other Team members are C. Pusch, Practice Manager, Ignacio Urrutia, Co TTL, CEIP-1, Engineer Javed Karim of LGED and Engr. Md. Habibur Rahman, PEng, Addl. Director General of BWDB. The team meets with the local people and exchanged views with them. Local people expressed to the team that they were very happy about the ongoing works of CEIP-1. They also informed the World Bank team that because of the embankment it is now possible for them to grow three crops in a year. By this they were economically benefitted so they expressed their thanks to Bangladesh Water Development Board and World Bank for their initiative to develop the Polders.
03 June 2021
MoWR and BWDB Officials visited at Package 02
Meeting between Additional Secretary (Development) and Local Representatives in Polder 48
BWDB Officials visited at Package 02
02 June 2021
Tree Plantation by Additional Secretary (Development) in Polders of PKG-2
Fish fingerlings at Poler 32, 33, 35/1 and 35/3
11, 12 & 13 March, 2021
Project Director, CEIP -1 Inspected the possible location for additional bank protection works at DS-1 in Polder 32
10 March, 2021
26 May, 2021
Emergency meeting was held for mitigation stand against cyclone YAAS, directed by Project Director