Ministry of Water Resources

Bangladesh Water Development Board

Coastal Embankment Improvement Project - Phase - 1 (CEIP-1)

Project Title/Name of Project : Coastal Embankment Improvement Project, Phase 1 (CEIP-1) in Sathkhira, Khulna, Bagherhat, Pirojpur, Barguna, and Patuakhali District
Sponsoring Ministry/ Division: Ministry of Water Resources
Implementing Agency (IES) : Bangladesh Water Development Board
Concerned Division of Planning Commission Agriculture, Water Resources & Rural Institution Division of Planning Commission
Objectives and Targets of the Project: The main objectives of the project are to: • Reducing the loss of assets, crops and livestock during natural disasters; • Reducing the time of recovery after natural disaster such as cyclone; • Improving agricultural production by reducing saline water intrusion which is expected to worsen due to climate change; and • Improving the Government of Bangladesh’s capacity to respond promptly and effectively to an eligible crisis or emergency. • The existing embankment system in the polders under consideration for CEIP-1 has a level of protection of approximately 10 years return period. The present condition of the embankments makes it likely that an overtopping event can lead to disastrous breaches in the embankment at existing weak points – as seen after Sidr and Aila. • A net area of about 100,817 ha of the project would be protected against events of 25 years return period for climate change conditions that would exist in 2050. Additional safety factors have also been built in by allowing for the higher estimates of subsidence and sea level rise. The actual level of protection soon after project completion (say 2022) would be more than a 50year return period. • To increase agricultural production of the net cultivable area of 86,362 ha through construction of embankments, drainage regulators, flushing sluices and drainage channels of the Polders. • To increase crop yield through reduction of crop damages resulting from spring tidal flooding and cyclonic storm surges of the magnitudes of Sidr & Aila. • Switch over from local to HYV paddy cropping under a comprehensive irrigation network by using surface water through construction of proposed flushing inlets, and • Improve the existing drainage system of the project area for fish culture, expansion of Boro crops and T-Aman cultivation.
 Project Implementation Period's: • Type of DPP: Original, Date of Commencement: July 2013, Date of Completion: June, 2020 • Type of DPP: Inter Items Cost Adjustment, Date of Commencement: July 2013, Date of Completion: June, 2020
 Estimated Cost of the Project: • Total: 328000 Lakh BDT (Original) • Gob: 0 (Original) • P.A: 328000 Lakh (Original)

Project Director

Syed Hasan Imam, PEng.